Ryan Ford
Ryan Ford
Designer & Typographer

Designer & Typographer


About Me

My primary interest in design is in utility and simplicity. I design with human behavior in mind, both in print and the web.

I'm a graduate from Otis College of Art & Design (with honors), and have had many unique opportunities in my field where I've been able to work with notable clients like Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Chevron, and Honda Motorcycles. But more importantly than the company names, I've been able to work with truly interesting people, and I think my collective experience shows in my work.

My Favorite Things

Every creative person has a bag of tricks. Here's mine: monochromatic tones, contrast, solid lines, alignment, grids, cleanliness, focal points, simplicity, power, humor, empathy, fun, high craftsmanship, attention to the details, and pure love for white space. Oh, and sandwiches.

What's Important

When it comes to design, I judge success by the number of people positively touched by my work. Craftsmanship plays a big role, of course, but in the end I believe design should make people happy or, at the very least, not upset them. It can be hard to market and not annoy, but that's the point.
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